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Regeneration from the ground up


Carbon farming is the future

The increasing carbon in our atmosphere is heating up our planet, destabilising our climate and destroying our oceans. Carbon in the atmosphere is bad for us. But there is a solution. And it’s right beneath our feet.

The healing power of healthy soil, with its capacity to store carbon, is a vital contributor to reversing the effects of climate change. The Carbon Farm’s purpose is to increase awareness about the benefits of healthy soil, and provide pathways for anyone to get involved, however big or small their patch of land is. From our Carbon Composting Club for gardeners to soil regeneration and carbon capture initiatives for farmers, growers, communities and businesses, we can all play our part.

Grass Roots Regeneration

Find out how we’re working with farmers, landowners and businesses to put life back into the soil.


The Carbon Farm helps farmers align all sectors of their business in harmony with nature. We support farmers through the holistic journey to become regenerative.


Countless years of using artificial aids, such as fertilisers and chemical sprays, may have left the impression that above ground all is well. It is not until we look below the surface that the true picture emerges.


The Carbon Farm wants to regenerate as much of the soil in Jersey as possible, whilst recycling rather than incinerating waste. We want to provide businesses with the opportunity to support a local environmental initiative that benefits everyone.

The carbon solution

Soil absorbs carbon like a sponge. Plants pull carbon in from the air and that carbon feeds the soil.

Healthy soil

Carbon improves soil health, making it nutrient-rich, full of life and able to hold more water.

Capturing carbon

The healthier the soil, the more carbon it draws out of the atmosphere.

Healthy planet

A virtuous cycle of healthy plants, water, soil and skies. Healthy soil is the key to a healthy planet.

Carbon is not the enemy, it’s our biggest ally.

Carbon is one of the main building blocks of life. There are the same number of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) atoms on this earth that there were at the beginning of time. They’re just stored in the wrong places.

Soil acts as a carbon sponge, with plants pulling carbon in from the air and using it to feed the soil. Healthy soil is nutrient-rich, full of life, better at holding water and also absorbs even more
carbon from the atmosphere (a process called sequestration). Healthy soil sets off a virtuous circle of healthy plants, water, soil and skies. Carbon’s not the enemy. It can be our biggest ally in the fight against climate change.

Aligning ecological practices with economic ambitions

Sustainable businesses are redefining the corporate ecosystem by designing models that create value for all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, supply chains, civil society, and, most importantly, the planet. Below are three examples of how The Carbon Farm is helping businesses achieve this.

Using hemp as a pioneering cleanup crop to repair and prepare soil and offset Jersey’s carbon responsibility.

Beyond organic, farming more carbon into soil to increase yields and produce higher quality organic cider.

Energising soil with more carbon
to restore life to grazing pastures and support high performance race horses.

What people say

Our benefits include improved nutrient cycling, better water infiltration, increased biodiversity and an all-round healthier environment for our organic hemp and Jersey-grown CBD products.
David Ryan
Jersey Hemp
Implementing The Carbon Farm’s soil regeneration techniques has led to a significant increase in yield and quality for our award-winning cider.
James Meller
Rocquette Cider
Our horses are only as healthy as the pastures they feed on, which are only as healthy as the soil our pastures grow in. We are delighted with the positive impact from The Carbon Farm’s soil regeneration initiatives.
James Moon
Moon Racing Stables

Dig Deeper

Healthy soil, healthy planet. Here are some simple ways we can all get involved.

Become a client

Join our client base of farms, growers and landowners and find out how regenerative practices can improve soil health and boost productivity.

Become a sponsor

Support The Carbon Farm as a sponsor and benefit from tailor-made CSR packages and sustainability initiatives for businesses and teams.

Become a member

Be part of our Carbon Composting Club and get personalised support to increase the health of your garden or vegetable plot.


The healing power of soil – its capacity to sequester carbon could be the key to reversing the effects of climate change.