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The Carbon Farm makes it possible for everyone to participate in soil regeneration, whether it’s by joining our Compost Club if you have a garden, or if you’re a farm, producer or landowner, hearing how regenerative farming can produce healthy soil and more nutrient-dense produce.

If you’re a business and want to help support The Carbon Farm’s initiatives, here’s where you’ll find out more about our sponsorship packages and CSR / educational opportunities for your teams.


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Our soil is the largest carbon sponge that we have on earth. Plants pull carbon in from the air and that carbon feeds the soil, making it nutrient-rich, full of life and able to hold more water. The healthier the soil and the better it’s looked after, the more carbon it draws out of our atmosphere, creating a virtuous cycle of healthy plants, water, soil and skies.

‘Soil is one of the most important natural resources on our planet. Together with sunlight, air and water it provides the basis for life today.’ Kiss the Ground


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The Carbon Farm works with landowners, farmers, growers and producers across the Channel Islands and the UK to implement programmes of tailored regenerative agriculture and soil health practices, designed specifically for your needs.

If you’d like to arrange a consultation with The Carbon Farm’s soil experts, or find out more about the range of advisory services we offer to clients, then get in touch with our team using the form below.

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Would your business like to be part of a regenerative initiative to improve the environment in Jersey? Contact us about the many different ways businesses can get involved to support The Carbon Farm’s mission. We can tailor sponsorship packages to your company’s requirements, and these can include educational tours, visibility on our website, CSR initiatives and opportunities for your teams to roll their sleeves up and get their hands dirty, implementing change at a grass roots level.


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Want to improve the health of your garden, vegetable plot or allotment? Joining our Carbon Composting Club will give you access to personal one-to-one advice on bespoke composting for your soil, and introduce you to regenerative soil practices that you can apply, however large or small your patch of land. Annual membership starts at £75, contact us using the form below to find out more.


What people say

Our benefits include improved nutrient cycling, better water infiltration, increased biodiversity and an all-round healthier environment for our organic hemp and Jersey-grown CBD products.
David Ryan
Jersey Hemp
Implementing The Carbon Farm’s soil regeneration techniques has led to a significant increase in yield and quality for our award-winning cider.
James Meller
Rocquette Cider
Our horses are only as healthy as the pastures they feed on, which are only as healthy as the soil our pastures grow in. We are delighted with the positive impact from The Carbon Farm’s soil regeneration initiatives.
James Moon
Moon Racing Stables
I just wanted to say a big thank you for arranging a tour of The Carbon Farm yesterday.

It was really insightful and gave me a much better understanding of what you guys do up at the farm. The work you’re doing is really commendable and I hope that more people will become aware of it so that you can continue to grow and excel in providing a better standard of living across the island.
Charis McInnes
Environment and Sustainable Development MSc Student University College London (UCL)

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The answers we’ve been looking for to fight climate change may be right under our feet.  Get in touch with The Carbon Farm today  to find out how you can make a difference,  from the ground up.

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